About Us



        The Upshur Arts Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1982. It promotes, enhances and contributes to the educational, artistic and cultural lives of residents of Upshur County. UAA Inc. serves as a financial resource and supportive agency for organizations and individuals who positively influence our cultural climate.


        We currently help with the funding of our Umbrella Groups which include: The Augusta Youth Ballet Company, The Buckhannon Chamber Orchestra, The Buckhannon Choral Society, The Buckhannon Community Theatre and The Artistry on Main. We also annually provide two scholarships for graduating seniors from Buckhannon High School, who plan to pursue a career in the arts or arts education. As a non-profit organization we rely on donations from supporters like you as well as our fundraising events to continue the important work that we have been doing since 1982.